Friday, December 17, 2010


They other day I rushed to my workout Meetup that I thought 3 other people were going to be there to do some stair-climbing. I had in my mind that no matter how tired I was today at 4 pm I had to be there! It was a rainy, dark and windy day. I really wanted to just bag to whole idea, but again I knew that there would be others waiting on me to lead the way up 13 flights of stairs 5x. So I found a parking spot and headed towards the building. I didn't see anyone outside waiting, so I figured that they might be inside the stairwell already hiking up the stairs. I still kept thinking... I just want to go home and rest before my next appointment... whining the whole way. So I walked into the building and still no sign of anyone. I got to the bottom of the staircase and decided that I would at least go up to the top once to see if they had just started without out me. So I start trekking up step by step, floor by floor....still telling myself " just turn around and go home!" by the time I was half way up taking long breaths I realized that this wasn't about the others being here or not. This was about me and keeping myself accountable! I was the one who wanted to do these stairs 3x's a week to prepare myself for my up and coming stair-climb races in February & March. This was about MY training not anyone else's. Once I slapped myself with this realization I kicked up my place and turned up my ipod and got the job done! Once I got back to my car I felt good and accomplished. When I did get back home to logged on to my email and the Meetup site to see why the others didn't show....You why they didn't show? it wasn't because they whimped out or gave some lame excuse that something came up or they were just to tired. Oh No... it was because I didn't post it on the website or tell anyone! At that point I just laughed out loud! yet is was a great wake up call and brought me back to how hard it is to self motivate sometimes and how easy it is to talk ourselves out of exercising. Which just confirms that having a workout buddy/partner will help keep you accountable and motivated to stay healthy. So please grab that friend you know really wants to workout but just isn't motivated enough to do it themselves and make a promise to hold each other accountable to be healthy & strong for 2011!

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