Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why we are GREEN

Do you know why Rock Bottom Personal Training picked green as their business color?  We are proud to be an Eco friendly fitness company. We are here to teach and educate people on how to be a healthier community and healthier planet. Have you ever asked yourself where does all the exercise equipment go when people no longer use it. Some many go to places like Goodwill and garage sales, but eventually it all ends up in the landfills. Think about all that equipment in the gym that you go to every day. How many machines they have that use around 855 watts of electricity if only ran at 5 mph at 0% incline. Now times that by how many machines your gym has, that is a lot of energy! There are many gyms that are now making improvements and going “Green”.  We here at Rock Bottom are already showing our clients how to use what they have to be healthier without more cost to their wallets and the planet. We want people to burn calories and not watts. All of our workouts are powered by our own personal energy. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are "YOU" a priority?

Only 20% for people are self motivators. Which leaves the rest of the 80% the need to be accountable to someone else. People forget that because I am a personal trainer and assume that I don’t have struggles as well. Most don’t know that I was pushing 200  pounds two years ago and had been at that weight for the last 15 years. I am a great trainer but I wasn’t walking the talk, if you know what I mean.  It was never that I didn’t have the knowledge or time to be at a lower body fat percentage. It was the fact that I put my family, friends and clients ahead of my own health. I didn’t make myself a priority. You see I could squeeze a 100 things into my day yet not one of them was clean healthy eating or exercising. I had screwed up my metabolism up so bad that it was dormant like a mountain. Oh my metabolism was ready to explode in to action as soon as I was ready to make it a priority. So after my father passed away from obesity related causes and my mother is also obese, I realized that I better make this a priority or I am going to leaving my children without a mother. 
I made an appointment with one of my clients nutritionist the next week. I told her that I knew what to do and what I am doing wrong. I just needed her to be “the bad guy” and make me accountable to her for my bad eating habits. I wasn’t eating super bad stuff I was just eating only 3 times a day. I was only eating at 6 am, noon, and 6 pm. So my body was in starvation mode most of the time. I also wasn’t eating “Clean” being non-processed foods. Since I am always on the go I had to find quick easy ways for me to be able to eat every 3 hours and have it on the go. So I stocked my trunk with apples, nuts and clean healthy bars that I could eat if I got stuck away from a store. I also had to start planning better therefore got a really cool lunch box with serving sized containers to use. I packed my lunch everyday!!! Even if I thought I might be home or going out because you never know when something may happen.
The next thing I did to make myself accountable was started planning exercise classes or Meetups. I knew that once it was on the calendar and the thought that someone else will be there makes it really hard to back out! So many times I would plan on exercising after my other job or client but I then would put something else in its place and talk myself right out of it. If I show up and nobody else does, it is so easy to cut the workout short and not push myself as hard as I should or would if there was someone else there. The inner competitor would never show up like it does when I am working out with others. In fact, I have told may of my clients that I prefer to train couples or friends durning sessions because they will work harder, cancel less often and get better results!  So many clients take a break from their trainings or group workouts and gain 10 or more pounds before they contact me about coming back. it is proof that you get better results when you have to be accountable to someone else! 
 Get out your iPhone, calendar or whatever you use to remember all your appointments  and make YOU a priority! Make YOU first in the day! I want you to schedule your workouts and eating plan NOW....TODAY just as it is a doctors appointment because in reality it is!