Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why we are GREEN

Do you know why Rock Bottom Personal Training picked green as their business color?  We are proud to be an Eco friendly fitness company. We are here to teach and educate people on how to be a healthier community and healthier planet. Have you ever asked yourself where does all the exercise equipment go when people no longer use it. Some many go to places like Goodwill and garage sales, but eventually it all ends up in the landfills. Think about all that equipment in the gym that you go to every day. How many machines they have that use around 855 watts of electricity if only ran at 5 mph at 0% incline. Now times that by how many machines your gym has, that is a lot of energy! There are many gyms that are now making improvements and going “Green”.  We here at Rock Bottom are already showing our clients how to use what they have to be healthier without more cost to their wallets and the planet. We want people to burn calories and not watts. All of our workouts are powered by our own personal energy. 

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