Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Help your residents stay fit!
Increase the value of your benefits!
Rock Bottom Personal Training has a comprehensive program for your apartment complex to help boost the enrollment of your workout facility and increase the value of the benefits of living in your residential community. Our professional trainers are nationally certified who will come to your complex and help keep your residents fit and in shape. They will not only come home to your community but have the convenience of experienced, friendly trainers.
Many apartment complexes have invested in on-site exercise facilities and equipment. However, these facilities are often left unused or misused by residents because they lack the proper knowledge and/or motivation to use them. At Rock Bottom Personal Training we offer a variety of fitness programs that will help your residents gain the most benefit out of your facility and take control of their health one day at a time. We can tailor a program based on request and in various locations such as boot camps and group training. 
Rock Bottom Personal Training can:
     pastedGraphic.pdf  Create fun and motivating fitness programs for residents of all ages to enjoy
     pastedGraphic_1.pdf  Work with groups of people all at once.
     pastedGraphic_1.pdf  Offer personal training at your facility.
     pastedGraphic.pdf  Train with little or no equipment if you have no equipment or facility.
We look forward to shaping up your community!
Rock Bottom Personal Training