Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Road Blocks

Here we are in the beginning August and I am hearing from all my very  active / physically fit friends that they have all put on 10 lbs....Including myself! WTH???  If we really think about it, we know why and how that has happened. We live in a state that has some really strange weather and you never know when the sun will be out or if it is out how warm it will be. For me, when the sun is out I am usually out on my motorcycle as much as possible. Which means that I sit all day and ride...not moving my body a whole lot. Which is different for my body because it is used to moving a lot!!  What I have noticed is that when you are out and about traveling with friends or family you put them first as far as where to stop and eat.  I know that this is one of my problems... the other is plan and simply...I don't put my health first! I am so rapped up in enjoying the sun, fun and friends. Unfortunately that has put 10 lbs of fun on my mid section! So I am going to try something new for the rest of the summer and see what happens. I am going to regroup and focus on my bodies needs and make sure that my portion sizes are right , not eat greasy foods, minimize my happy hour drinks to 1 or 2. I am also going to get back on a regular workout schedule since I have let that slide with all the summer vacations. Plus I have 2 competitions coming up in October that I want to do well in.

I write this so that others can see that we all have slips and gain weight from time to time. So what small things can you do to be healthier?

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