Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thurston County Spring Baby’s Are Here!

If you go anywhere in Thurston county you will see signs of rebirth and BABIES!! You will come across baby clothing and toys at the stores. You will see baby animals in the waters and fields all around the Thurston county. Yet what you may not notice or hear, are all of the baby’s mommy saying to themselves “ how do I loose this “baby weight” and get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!” 
Since a baby needs so much care and love, that mommies are right there for them to fulfill their every need. What mommies forget or don’t realize is that their baby can help them get back that “pre-baby” body they may feel has gone in the diaper pail.
As adorable, wonderful, and precious as babies are, and regardless of how much we love them, they can get heavy! Turns out, this makes them that much more perfect. They make great free-weights!

Okay, so they’re not free… very expensive actually, but you can get a very thorough workout just by holding your baby.  For example: Start out with squats (with a seat behind you in case you fall) with the baby in a snuggly! Do pushups with the baby under your chest and make faces and goofy noises to keep the baby laughing. Set Baby on your stomach while you do crunches, or hold her/him there while doing bridges! My 3 year-old still thinks this is fun. When carrying the car seat, do some upright rows or shoulder shrugs. Bounce the baby on your knees by using only your calf muscles. You can get a full-body workout using only your baby and the baby’s stuff.  It just takes a little creativity. Need more ideas? Look up a personal trainer for a complete baby-weight workout.
Getting back into your pre-baby pants without spending a fortune: priceless!
Written By Lichelle Crevison & Christe Smith

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