Monday, March 28, 2011

Stairclimb Flight Club

The Stairclimb Flight Club Meet-up Group is designed to get you into the best shape of your life using stairclimbing. This is a three month program that you will be signing up for. The three month program will allow you to shed stubborn body fat and really increase your overall defintion and get ready for beach season. 
Program Tools:
You will recieve the following tools at the beginning of your three month program:
1) Training Guidelines
2) Training Log (One copy given to you at the climb)
3) Membership Punch Card
4) Nutritonal Gudelines
Program Outline:
The program will be structured so that their will be a "beginner workout" and a "advanced workout." 
There will be a white board set at the bottom of the stairs so that everyone will see the workout for the night. This is so you know what workout to track on your training journal
Program Times:
Tue-Thurs 6 - 7 pm
Program Costs:
$50.00 for 10 climbs (5.00 a climb) Sessions expire within two months of purchase. 
Payment Methods:
Checks - made payable to Rock Bottom

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