Thursday, December 17, 2009

Personal Training with an individual trainer vs one from a gym

As a personal trainer I have learned that there are many different aspects to training. I have worked in a private studio and a "chain" gym setting. What I found was that in a "chain" gym the pressure to sell is overwhelming. You end up focusing more on how to get your clients to "upgrade" their training packages and selling new packages to new clients. I know that I almost lost the reason I became a personal trainer. yet it seemed that the only way to get my boss to communicate and praise me at my job. After realizing all this I decided to get back my focus on the clients! I started my own personal training business and left the "chain". I am so happy that I did.....and so are my clients. They now don't worry about getting phone calls, don't have monthly gym fees or contracts. They pay as they go and get more quality personal training from me!

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